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GABRIELS "Fist of the Seven Stars - Act 3: Nanto Chaos" (Recensione english MUSIC WEBZINE)

Full-length, Diamonds Prod.

GABRIELS "Fist of the Seven Stars - Act 3: Nanto Chaos" (Review PER MUSIC WEBZINE - ENGLISH) 

Gabriels is now a proposed musician of the Italian metal scene, and is an excellent keyboard player who has deepened his instrument through classical studies. Today he returns to the market with a hard rock / progressive metal album, with many keyboard virtuosity and with a very classic approach to compositions, which refers directly to the Eighties. We are talking about a record that enjoys an excellent sound and a fairly technical approach, although the proposed genre is not excessively intricate, but on the contrary, the feeling is that Gabriels wanted to write great songs and then think of enriching them with his talent and that of many other musicians who took part in this work, in the true sense of this term. Gabriels likes to do things right and fans of the most melodic and classy metal will love this record, because it has all the right ingredients to enter the hearts of those who love to be caressed by pompous keyboards and vocals that launch into catchy and easy choruses. Among the best songs I choose three: "The Mark", Fight For Her Love ", and above all the beautiful" Pyramid Of Dictator ". Complete album, really well cared for and which cannot be missing in the collection of any fan of melodic and "symphonic" heavy metal.


1. Three Days Of Life
2. The Mark
3. Treason Star
4. Rebirth By Three Days Of Life
5. Fight For Her Love
6. Dying For Her Love
7. Deathnight
8. Confrontation
9. Secret Of Phoenix
10. Pyramid Of Dictator
11. Ai Wo Toridomose (bonus track)

Wild Steel “Ken” – voce
Jo Lombardo “Rey” – voce
Tommy Johansson “Shu” – voce
Ivan Drake “Juda” – voce
Dario Grillo “Toky” – voce
Antonio Pecere “Raoul” – voce
Rachel Iron Lungs “Mamiya” – voce
David Akesson “Sauzer” – voce
Gabriels Soldati – voce
Andrew Spane – chitarra
Tommy Johansson – chitarra
Frank Caruso – chitarra
Stefano Filoramo – chitarra
Antonello Giliberto – chitarra
Tommy Vitaly – chitarra
Dario Beretta – chitarra
Angelo Mazzeo – chitarra
Luigi De Blasio – chitarra
Gabriels – tastiere, piano, voce
Dino Fiorenza – basso
Beto Vazquez – basso
Adrian Hansen – basso
Fabiano Andreacchio – basso
Alberto Rigoni – basso
Roberto Giovinazzo – basso
Mike Vader – batteria
Mattia Stancioiu – batteria
Michele Sanna – batteria
Giovanni Maucieri – batteria
Simone Alberti – batteria
Brantley Rogers – batteria


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